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Desktop by todd587 Desktop by todd587
My Desktop.

I've customized my taskbar quite a bit:
-I've moved it to the top, which moves it out of my direct vision. This gives the illusion of more space working space being available.
-It's double thickness. I can't stand to have the taskbar at a single layer. I often find myself with up to 20+ windows open at once, and hate when tasks get crammed together. I also hate the "grouping" feature that newer Windows OS have, so I have that turned off.
-I use a program called AllToTray which lets you minimize any window to the system tray. Using this in conjunction with the taskbar options of hiding icons in the system tray, I am able to let Outlook Express run hidden in the background and only display an icon in the system tray when I recieve an e-mail.
-I also found a very simple program called Dave's Quick Search Deskbar. It adds just a simple white text entry box to your taskbar which can be move and sized. You can set it to launch your favorite search site (Google, naturally) to search the web by default, and you can create your own tags to have it search other web directories. For example, I can search for a word by typing "dic word" and just hitting enter. It's extremely useful and makes searching a lot quicker. I especially love it because I am a poor speller and very frequently use Google as a spell checker that I want to double check the spelling of so I don't sound so dumb when writing something. All I have to do is type it in there and hit enter and voila.
gravedesires777 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2009
nice. no theme. no custom theme. haha rock on. i have my taskbar on the left side, and a dock a the bottom.
slickmax Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2007
And thats a Mac desktop background why?
X3lectric Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
haha what a question! Didnt know it mattered, nice wall! there should be more openness between MS/Apple/Linux in no particular order and in no implication of importance maybe then we would get trully powefull OS's.

Set yourselfs free of the shakles of small mindedness, embrace your imagination! <- that my own quote
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September 5, 2005
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